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Finding the Right Work Life Balance

One of the best presentations our team ever saw was on Work, Life Balance – and what made this one of the best presentations is that the speaker (Ellen Blattner Zelent) shared that there is no such thing!  Amen!  At times your work life will prevail and then it will be time for home life to prevail.  Folks who strive to master both, find themselves in a stressful spiral that grows as time goes on.

This article does a really nice of calling out some of the not so obvious things about trying to master work, life, balance and makes you think about how you can apply some of it’s suggestions to your daily life now.

Lesson = don’t let the fear of not being able to master work, life balance hold you back!  You’re not alone and don’t have to stress about ‘doing it all’ as everyone’s definition of this and success will change.


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