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How to Build Self-Confidence. The 3 Most Important Skills!

Compassion is the essence of self-esteem. When we’re more compassionate of ourselves, when we’re more forgiving of ourselves, less judgmental – that’s really at the heart of feeling better and unconditional self-acceptance.

~ Kiomi Moore

We’re not taking you down a career journey with this post and podcast, but introducing you 3 fundamental considerations that will make you pause and think about your current level of confidence – is there something holding us back or are we fearful about reaching out for help about? Spend 12 minutes with this insightful podcast by Peak Performance Coach, Kiomi Moore as you will be guided to consider the following:

  • Understanding – find the knowledge of where your feelings are coming from
  • Acceptance – how to create unconditional positive regard for ourselves
  • Forgiveness – free yourself from emotions that are draining you and holding you back

Mastering these 3 parts can help you assess and increase your confidence level as you make those big decisions about your career, regardless of where you’re at in your path. Click below to hear more.


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