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Let’s Change the Way We Talk about Working Moms

Katia Beauchamp, co-founder and CEO of the beauty empire, Birchbox, joins the Motherly podcast to discuss her experiences having twins four years into starting her own company.  Katia is the ultimate working mom with a fresh take on how becoming a mom changed her perspective at work and actually helped her to relax and view her work with more clarity. She reveals that being a mom makes her a better CEO and explains how she uses mindfulness and meditation every day to help her live in the moment and enjoy the stage of life she is in instead of always looking toward the future.

The 30 minute podcast also discusses how Birchbox values mothers returning to work and how they use ‘onboarding’ to help ease mothers back into the work place. Instead of viewing motherhood as a handicap, like many companies, they normalize and celebrate it. Just because you may have to run out to pick up a sick kid doesn’t mean you aren’t as ambitious and talented as anyone else in the office!


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