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Women and Leadership: Looking Beyond the Global Health Crisis

It’s no surprise that when Covid hit women were majorly the ones leaving the workplace, cutting back hours, and adjusting schedules to care for kids that were now stuck at home. Women are the ones juggling remote learning and child care while working at home. Women are also the ones who dominate the nursing and caregiver fields putting them and their families more at risk. Everyone has been affected by the pandemic but it would be naive to believe women haven’t experienced unequal economic repercussions. But just as we have always done, we are adapting and we will overcome.This immensely important article from The New York Times is a Q and A with women in leadership positions all over the world focusing on what comes next and how, for the first time, women are in a position to help reshape what the world will look like post-pandemic.

Each of these women has unique experiences and advice but one of my favorite takeaway points from the article is from Mariya Gabriel, a politician in Bulgaria, who has a positive view of remote learning. She believes remote learning will actually help more girls build confidence in their “digital competencies and skills” and lead to more girls who are interested in pursuing a career in technology.

If anything, just seeing that these powerful women are out there making changes should inspire us to do the same.


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